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Welcome to Spanish Professor! We believe that learning Spanish can be easy, and fun. There are thousands of Spanish language learning programs out there including CDs, instructional software, study abroad programs and online classes that you can enroll in through distance learning programs at accredited universities.

Most of these programs work on the same fundamental principles of daily practice and sentence building, but methods which they use differ greatly. What it boils down to is that it depends on what kind of a learner you are. Spanish Professor is a place for you to figure out just that. We explain in detail what each Spanish language learning program is like, whether it is a surf-side intensive course in Costa Rica, a DVD package or a class at a virtual university.

Spanish Programs
In addition to helping you find the Spanish course that is best suited to your individual needs, we show you how you find programs that are easy on your pocketbook. We even show you where you can take FREE lessons online, and start learning Spanish without paying a dime. Furthermore, we show you the best deals on Spanish language programs that are for sale, programs that are available at discounted rates. Our philosophy is that Spanish learning should be easy, and part of making it easy to learn Spanish is making it affordable. Some learners know that by spending a couple hundred dollars on an online course, that they will work hard to get the most out of their small investment. Rather than waste the money by not studying hard, you will learn as much Spanish as possible to get the most bang for your buck. If you like, you can also spend a lot less money and put in the time it takes to practice every day. You can learn a LOT of Spanish simply by listening and repeating simple exercises on a Spanish learning CD while commuting in your car, or on the train or bus. Or you can buy Spanish flash cards, and quiz yourself for a few minutes every day. This is a great way to pick up a wide range of vocabulary words in a very short period of time.

If you want to learn more about finding the best program for you, check out our in-depth guide to Spanish programs. This includes detailed information on:

Learn Spanish Software
- Spanish Learning - Instructional Resource for Spanish lessons with CDs
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- Online Spanish Distance Learning through Accredited Universities
- Spanish Correspondence Courses
- Spanish Language Schools - International Courses and Study Abroad
- Spanish summer school
- Spanish lessons with Skype
- Online K-12 Spanish programs
- Accredited online high school Spanish classes
Online middle school Spanish courses
- Online Spanish immersion k-6 level elementary school students

- Cheap Spanish textbooks
- Learn Spanish books

Spanish Certification
- Spanish court interpreter certification
- Online programs for obtaining a business Spanish certificate
- Certificate in Spanish-English medical interpretation
- Spanish teaching certificate
- DELE Spanish diploma certification
- Command Spanish review
- Community Spanish facilitator certification
- Spanish proficiency test

Spanish Language Scholarships
- Spanish language course scholarships
- Scholarships open to the Spanish speaking
- Grants for Spanish majors

Among Spanish Language Schools throughout the hispanic world, in addition to educational programs on line you can find real-life educational programs in a variety of exciting desinations, including:

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Costa Rica Spanish Schools

Spanish Immersion Courses Peru

Spanish Language Institutes in Mexico

Colombia Spanish schools

Learn Spanish in Spain
- Cheap Spanish schools in Madrid
- Spanish immersion Valencia
- find a Spanish language schools in Zaragoza, Spain
- Spanish language courses in Cartagena, Spain
- Barcelona Spanish classes

Institutes for Learning Spanish in Argentina

Spanish Schools in Chile

Affordable UK Spanish Schools
-Learn Spanish in London, England
-Spanish immersion courses Birmingham, UK
-Manchester Spanish immersion

Ireland Spanish classes

There are also many Spanish language schools in America:

Spanish instruction in Texas
- Houston, TX Spanish immersion programs
- Richardson, Texas Spanish lessons
- San Antonio, TX Spanish immersion classes
- Dallas Texas
immersion courses
- Spanish classes in Austin

Arizona Spanish language immersion programs
-Spanish schools in Phoenix, Arizona
-Why choose classes in Tucson?

Learn Spanish in New Mexico

Spanish immersion California
-San Diego, CA
Spanish schools
-Spanish immersion San Francisco, CA
-Spanish immersion schools in Los Angeles, CA

Florida Spanish schools

-Learn Spanish in Orlando, Florida
-Affordable Spanish courses in Miami, FL
-Spanish schools in Tampa Bay

DC Spanish immersion

Illinois Spanish immersion programs

Massachusetts Spanish schools

Iowa Spanish courses

Puerto Rico Spanish immersion

Study Spanish in Kansas

Spanish schools in Ohio

Study Spanish in Pennsylvania

Idaho Spanish immersion

Find a Spanish School in North Carolina

Maryland Spanish immersion

Louisiana Spanish adults and children's classes

Maine Spanish instruction

Classes to learn Spanish in Georgia
-Atlanta, GA Spanish courses

Arkansas Spanish schools

Virginia Spanish immersion

Learning Spanish in Connecticut

Intensive Colorado Spanish courses
Learn Spanish in Denver, CO

Alabama Spanish schools

Alaska Classes for Spanish

Cheap Michigan Spanish schools

Learn Spanish in Minnesota
-Spanish immersion Minneapolis

University Spanish classes Oregon

Utah missionary and non-Church Spanish immersion

Spanish in Vermont

Delaware Spanish immersion

Cheap New York Spanish Classes
-Spanish schools in Manhattan

Wisconsin Spanish immersion

Spanish Schools in Hawaii

New Jersey Spanish immersion

Learn Spanish in Washington

Kentucky Spanish immersion courses

Indiana Spanish immersion adults and children

Missouri Spanish schools

Spanish Dictionary Tools

Apart from guiding you through the ins and outs of a variety of Spanish learning programs, we also help you find Spanish dictionaries to translate words from Spanish to Spanish, English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Online Spanish dictionaries are an important resource in today's world, which is increasingly moving online. Whether you are a student learning Spanish, or a professional translator looking for forums to discuss the nuanced meanings of words in order to utilize the best vocabulary and phraseology possible. Check out our growing collection of dictionaries here:

Define Spanish Words
Learn Spanish Slang Phrases
Electronic Spanish Travel Dictionary

Spanish Lessons
Not only do we provide you with helpful guidance on how to find the best Spanish courses, but we also provide Spanish language lessons right in the form of basic grammar instruction and intuitive vocabulary lists. Our pages of online Spanish lessons cover grammar, vocabulary and include guides on how to pronounce words, including videos. It is currently a work in progress:

Spanish Lessons
Spanish for Kids

Spanish Culture
Simply knowing a language isn't all it takes to communicate with people. It is also important to understand how people from Spanish speaking countries react to certain behavior, both positively and negatively. In addition, it is important to learn about the history, music, movies, literature, media and other cultural pinnings to their society, that helps shape who they are, and helps you relate to them on a more intuitive, meaningful level. The culture of Spanish speaking countries is rich, vibrant and entertaining, and there is a lot to learn about every country. We believe that learning about hispanic culture goes hand-in-hand with learning the language, and that both language and culture instruction can be easy and fun. Learn more about culture by going here:

Culture of Spanish Speaking Countries
Best Spanish-language movies for learning Spanish
Books in Spanish
Spanish phrases

Spanish Translation Services
In this increasingly globalized economy, the need for translating documents from Spanish to English, and English to Spanish is ever more crucial. In this section we show you how to find and compare consumer review of the best translation companies.

Spanish translation services

Enjoy browsing through Spanish Professor, and learning about the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. Learning Spanish is easier than you might think, so dive in and find out as much as you can, and you'll be speaking Spanish fluently in no time at all!

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